Project Mashiv Ha'Ruach
Responding to the needs of October 7th heroes

The horrors of the 7th of October shocked an entire nation. In the days immediately after the massacre, citizens who came to help, rescue and identification forces, and government employees who came to fulfill their duties were exposed to horrific sights and testimonials.

The Mashiv Haruach  project was established in order to respond to the emotional and mental needs of volunteers and professionals who experienced the horror up close. They all are in need  of a space to process the events they experienced, strengthen their personal resilience, and experience a unique group space for growth and development from the events.

About the Project

Leading professionals in the field of trauma have crafted a multi-day group program designed to provide a secure environment for self-expression.

Participants will be equipped with tools and skills to enhance mental resilience in coping with trauma. Throughout the workshop, dedicated time will be allocated for open discussions, fostering group cohesion, and boosting personal morale. Special attention will be given to the aspects of returning to routine and reconnecting with family.

The program is facilitated by esteemed professionals who remain closely involved throughout the entire process, ensuring guidance and support. As part of the ongoing process, participants will be invited to attend a follow-up workshop. This session will involve both group and individual assessments, leading to tailored referrals to relevant institutional resources for further treatment.

Participants testimonials

"I knew something was not sitting well with me, but I didn't realize to what extent. A really heavy burden was lifted from my chest. Now I feel much better, mentally clean and liberated"

Shura camp volunteer

"At the end of the workshop, I felt freed, happy, and full with powers to continue doing. The days have gone by and we feel that we have received tools and strength to continue our work, blessed routine, and happy family life without remnants of the past"

Unit 360 volunteer

"Yesterday evening, I met the soldiers who have been with me for 90 days and I realized how different I am from them. How much this process healed my soul. Thanks again to everyone who took part in the formation of the 'Mashiv HaRuach'"

Zaka volunteer

"A special thank you to everyone who participated with me in the workshop, we laughed, we sang, we prayed, we got excited, I learned a lot from you, and I drew strength from you. I appreciate them very much"

Camp Shura volunteer

Who is it Suitable For?

  • Security forces, rescue teams, and identification personnel

  • Volunteers from Magen David Adom, Zaka, Chevra Kadisha, United Hatzalah, and volunteers from "Shura"

  • The volunteers of the kibbutz movement

  • State employees who came to the area to perform their work duties

  • Social workers, medical teams, and professionals who currently support victims

אייקון חץ

The Group Workshop

The workshop takes place in a quiet place in nature that allows disconnection from the background noise of daily life and an environment that allows for an internal look in order to process the experiences and deal with them correctly.

The workshop imparts coping skills, emphasizing mental resilience and growth, and equips participants with tools for a stable return to everyday life. Conducted in a relaxed and pleasant atmosphere, the workshop is individually tailored to participants' needs.

The workshop is guided by experts in group counseling and trauma.

All workshop expenses are fully covered by the project, participants are only required to pay a symbolic fee as a commitment deposit.

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